Some of you may have noticed some changes around our website recently, and these will continue as our efforts to ensure that our site is both user friendly and informative.  One of the changes has been my job title. I am excited to announce that I have moved from my previous role with Halftime Talent Solutions as Director of Candidate Development and Research Operations to the newly created position of Director of Interim Executive Management Services. As such, I will be overseeing the interim and consulting portion of Halftime Talent Solution’s service offerings, connecting faith based nonprofits to fit their specific just in time executive needs and consulting services which will utilize subject matter experts in bridging management, strategic or operational gaps.


What exactly are Interim Executive Management Services? In the search business, we have often found that faith based nonprofits need an experienced market place leader to work for a defined amount of time or lead a specific project. Perhaps the CEO of an organization is taking a much needed sabbatical, but the organization does not want to be without executive leadership for 6 months. Halftime Talent Solutions has several experienced executives who would love to step into that role on a pro tempore (“for the time being”) basis! This obviously not only benefits the organization but provides an opportunity for highly skilled, high capacity marketplace leaders, ready to fullfill their Ephesians 2:10 calling, just not on a full time employment basis as of yet.  Or maybe an organization needs a consultant to develop a strategic plan for their organization for the upcoming fiscal year. Through Halftime Talent Solutions, they can have access to a strategic planning expert at a price they can afford – in fact, a price that they determine!


As the Director, Interim Executive Management Services I will be identifying the group of candidates Halftime Talent will have available for these organizations, and working to match our world-class talent with the specific needs of faith based nonprofits around the globe. I would welcome a conversation with you to discuss this further, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at